TheDriversLab's Control4 driver for Belkin WeMo LINK enables you to control your WeMo lights through Control4. The driver gives your Control4 system the ability to turn the lights on and off, as well as toggle. It also provides for an easy integration to Buttons, Relays and Lights. The Driver supports automatic detection of changes in device' ip address or port, as well as automatic connection to sockets when only one device exists on the network. With programming, you could create great functionalities like: - Automatically adjust room lights - Toggle Lights - Set Color -Control the following smart bulbs: OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ TUNABLE WHITE 60 SYLVANIA ULTRA IQ LED BR30 BULB OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ FLEX RGBW OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ GARDENSPOT MINI RGB The driver works in two-ways. Any changes to the lights that are done not through the Control4 system will be pushed to Control4 to be reflected on the Control4 UI and vice-versa. LINK by BELKIN: The WeMo Link allows you to connect up to 50 WeMo Smart LED Bulbs and control them individually or as a group.