M4200 - M4200P Series MPX Megapixel Over Coax Series DVRs FLIR’s M4200 Series DVRs use the latest HD-CVI technology, giving you the flexibility to upgrade your security systems to 1080P HD resolution using existing coax cabling. With support for both HD resolution MPX cameras plus standard analog cameras, the DVR is ideal for retrofit applications. MPX also facilitates advanced features previously unavailable over a coax cable including duplex transmission for PTZ control, audio transmission, and extended distance cable runs up to 2300 ft (700m) @ 720p or up to 2000 ft (610m) @ 1080p, depending on the type of cable used.* DRIVER FEATURES • Pan left/right • Pan scan (until stop) • Tilt up/down • Tilt scan (until stop) • Zoom in/out Move camera to a 1 out of 8 preset locations • Move the camera to the Home Position • Move the camera to a specific X,Y • Support snapshot functionality NRV Features HIGH DEFINITION QUALITY Experience outstanding Megapixel resolution 1080p (1920x1080), 720p (1280x720), 960H (960x480) resolution @ real time (30/25fps) MPX format is compatible with HD-CVI and analog EASY INSTALLATION Ideal for retrofit – upgrade to HD over existing coax Standard BNC connection – no networking complexities Supports both HD and SD analog simultaneously SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE Zero latency and extended cable runs Smooth real-time viewing with zero video latency Extended cable runs of up to 2300ft (700m) Two-way communication over coax allows for easy connection and control of PTZ cameras (PTZ cameras sold separately) FLIR CLOUD – QUICK & SECURE REMOTE VIEWING Remote access via iOS, Android, PC / Mac with FLIR Cloud Set up remote viewing in three easy steps: install FLIR Cloud app, scan QR code on DVR, view live video Multisite viewing on FLIR Cloud CMS for PC / Mac Cloud platform will offer premium services to receive Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)