Need to control your matrix switch via Control4.... Check out the latest solution from Transformative Engineering.... What our switch can do: Tailored specifically to the needs of today’s Commercial Integrators, the HXU-1 provides nearly a dozen solutions in one easy to use UTP extender. Now you can send up to 1080p Full High Definition or WUXGA (1920×1200) over a single Cat6, as far as 600’ (500’ on Cat5e). This in itself sets our unit apart from the competition, but we didn’t stop there. The HXU-1 extends multiple USB2.0 peripherals such as keyboards, mice or thumb drives over the same UTP; along with 2-way RS232 and built in bi-directional IR for control of nearly any connected device. For times when analog audio is necessary, we provide a stereo audio pathway from the transmitter to the receiver as well as from the receiver to the transmitter. With an HDMI loop out on the HXU-1tx, it can be used in conjunction with or as a KVM. But wait there’s more! The HXU-1 works terrific as a traditional ‘point to point’ UTP extender, but it can do so much more. When installed on a Giga-Fast network an HXU-1 transmitter can connect to multiple receivers on the same LAN, or multiple source devices can be shared by a single display or multiple displays. This allows the HXU-1 to act as an effective HDMI Matrix Switching Solution, controllable via IR, RS-232, or IP.