Home Notify is the missing piece for your Control4 system. It adds two great functionalities that link your mobile device to your home automation system: 1. Using the Free iPhone app (Android is coming soon) you will be able to set Geo-Events that would trigger actions on your control4 system. For example, you could set an event for your home address that every time you leave the house, it would shut off the lights and lock the door. Or every time you leave the office, it would set the A/C to a certain temperature. 2. The second feature of Home Notify is its notifications capabilities. It allows your Control4 system to push messages to your mobile device. So for example, you could send a notification to the phone every time your door is unlocked, or somebody is playing with your tv. Here are some technical details: The driver supports Unlimited Geo-Events. There are 30 variables that are supported in the Notifications messages. There is no need to open any ports on the Controller, the driver utilizes sockets only. The mobile devices connect to our secure servers using SSL technology to protect the data flow. No location data is being stored on our servers. After every new event creation on the mobile device, if you are logged in to the controller via Composer Pro, you will need to reload Composer Pro to see the newly added events. Allows you to connect up to 50 mobile devices to your Control4 system Lifetime - Pay once and never worry about the service charge. The subscription will last for the lifetime of your controller!